Access to books is the first step to getting your child involved in reading. The more visits to the library or the more books you expose them to at home, the more likely your child will choose something that they find interesting!

But how do you know which books are right for your child?

This guide offers tips for finding the kinds of books most suitable for children at different ages.

What's a "Good" Book?

A good book is any book your child is drawn to and enjoys reading. It doesn't have to be a bestseller or endorsed by experts the world over.

How do I find books for my child?

Libraries, bookstores, yardsales, Goodwill, and of course Books for Bay are all great resources. Trust your instincts and keep the tips in this guide in mind to help assist your search.

INFANTS (6-12 months)

Board books with photos of babies
Sturdy books, brightly-colored board books to feel, touch, and taste
Books that feature every day objects - balls, bottles, chairs, dogs
Small books designed for small hands

YOUNGER TODDLERS (12-24 months)

Sturdy books they can carry about
Books that illustrate children doing every day things - sleeping, eating, playing
Books for bedtime
Stories told in simple sentences
Poems and Rhymes that are fun to read aloud

OLDER TODDLERS (24-36 months)

Books with pictures and names of many different things
Books with board pages - but also books with paper pages
Silly books and funny books
Books with rhyme and rhythm, and repeated text they can learn by heart
Books about children and families
Books about food, animals, trucks, and other favorite objects

PRESCHOOLERS (3-5 years)

Books that tell stories
Books about kids who look like and live like them - and also books about different places and different ways of living
Books about going to school or daycare
Books about making friends
Books with simple text they can memorize
Counting books, alphabet books, search and find books